CDs Revisited: Sugarcult - 'Back to the Disaster'

Okay, so technically this is a DVD that happens to come packaged with a CD. I've only watched the DVD once since getting this, but I remember listening to the CD half frequently enough to warrant its inclusion in this project. (Also the packaging is in a jewel case made for a CD so I jotted this release down before fully remembering that the live album is the supplementary half)

I got this my junior year of high school. It was a Secret Santa gift from someone who was on the student government with me. I recently found out that this girl and I are no longer Facebook friends and I have no idea when that happened. Anyway, the summer of that same year I had been listening to Start Static a lot, so of course I was happy to accept a gift that had live renditions of some of my favorite songs.

And that's all I really remember about the CD at the time. On my first listen, I had a stray thought that their singer sounded a bit like Billie Joe Armstrong and then I found out that Sugarcult had been tapped as Green Day's opening act for the tour depicted in the documentary. Re-reading that sentence, it's not a very interesting one, and I'm not sure if it says more about this collection or more about my memory but either way I don't think it's a very positive representation.

I wrote a review for Back to the Disaster on Amazon after watching it. Here's a link to it. Other than the headline, which I'm sure I thought was clever at the time, it's not as embarrassing to read as I thought it'd be. It sticks to a pretty neutral tone, which is something that sticks with me to this day. (Once I got called out on it in a Facebook comment for my review blink-182's Dogs Eating Dogs and it still haunts me from time to time).

Anyway, this album is okay. I remember the DVD being okay, too. It's not on Spotify or YouTube, so no stream for this one.


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