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CDs Revisited: Sum 41 - 'Half Hour of Power'

via Amazon . I didn't realize how long it's been since I've written anything. That's on me. I'm going to make an attempt to finish this project before my next birthday but I'll also accept before it's 2020. Anyway: Sum 41's Half Hour of Power . Far from the band's best work, but also far from their worst. Maybe. I guess that's debatable. For a band that I barely ever listen to anymore, I still have a lot of strong opinions about Sum 41. Like a lot of people my age, I fell into the perfect demographic for All Killer, No Filler - aware enough to buy into anything that was being promoted as counter-culture but still dumb enough to not really understand anything beyond that. In spite of that, they're a band that I'll jump to defend, because no matter what, I think they're a band that made some large (and positive) strides with their music between their debut and the two albums that followed it. (Their post- Chuck  albums are... well